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Hair Loss: To Wig or not to Wig

Hair loss is such a big topic when it comes to breast cancer or any cancer that has this devastating side effect.  There are so many facets I could cover relating to emotions alone, however, this post will focus on the wigs that I chose and what I found to be the best regarding real vs synthetic hair (I knew nothing until I had both and could draw a real comparison from my experience) – I wish this blog was available to me when I had to choose, so I hope this helps you or someone you may know facing hair loss and baldness. I’m splitting this blog into three parts… PART A This section is short and sweet (or not so sweet actually) – these images are when my hair started to fall out profusely… In the shower, on my pillow, in the bathroom – EVERYWHERE!  Pulling clumps out of my hair still gives me a lump in my throat and choosing to shave it when the shedding started, was the most empowering thing …

Wiggin’ Out

Come and meet my hairy friends, they are named after Victoria Secret Models, both real and faux.  I’ll tell you all about choosing my wigs… the crazy and urgent need to find one BEFORE I lost my hair and why I wasted my money… Here are some images from my wig wearing days… Bec x   © Copyright 2016 becbraid